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Our company deals with all sorts of home machines and appliances. Our qualified technicians will repair or service any of your household devices. Due to our extensive experience, you can rest assured that your appliances are up and running whenever you need them. Just call us, place an order, and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
Once you have an issue on your hands, use one of our multiple communication channels to contact us. We provide services 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Moreover, our highly-skilled technicians will get to your premises within an hour if you provide all the information on your exact location. We can also ask your kind permission to pinpoint your exact location using the GPS positioning through your cell phone service provider in case you are not sure where your premises are.
Our company’s policy is to provide all maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services at your premises. There is no need to waste your precious time on finding us. Once you need our services, just contact us to place an order, and our highly-trained staff will provide you with all the necessary services at your location as soon as possible. We will never tell any third-party about your location. We value our customers and respect their privacy.
Our repair services network includes all major cities in Canada. We are quite flexible to adjust to your schedule and can visit your premises on the day you place your order once you need it. We provide our services beyond working hours and at weekends as well. Just place a repair or maintenance order, and we will contact you to clarify the most convenient visit time for you.
We cannot predict the exact service time due to multiple types of appliances available. However, we take all possible measures to provide our repair staff with all the necessary tools that allow them to fix your appliances on the first visit. Moreover, our highly-qualified technicians take constant appropriate training to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technological developments and form the required expertise. We will not press any additional charges in case we cannot manage to fix your appliances on our first visit. Rest assured we will be back as soon as possible to get everything done.
Our company holds all documents to prove our registration and license required to provide household appliance repair and maintenance services. We make sure to collaborate exclusively with highly-trained and experienced technical personnel to make sure you get quality services. Thinking of our customers, servicemen, and the company itself, we are also insured to be on the safe side.
No, it won’t. As we have partnered with popular household appliance manufacturers active in Canada, we operate on their behalf. Our technical staff undergoes necessary training and licensing with the manufacturers and that allows us to provide you with quality services without losing your warranty.
First of all, we will come to your aid with appliance maintenance and repair as soon as you contact us and at the time specified by you as the most convenient. Secondly, all your appliance warranties will remain valid due to our partnership agreements with the largest supplier brands. Finally, our maintenance and repair prices are very competitive irrespective of your warranty period.
You sure can! We are a team of professional service providers who cherish our customer’s trust. The company verifies our field technicians’ background to employ the best and the most trustworthy ones. Furthermore, even though we employ highly-trained technicians, we randomly check the quality of their work and the reliability of services provided to you. Our standing insurance policy guards you against any incidents that may occur with your property while our technicians provide services to you. However, we have never received any complaints from our customers about damaged or missing property throughout all the years of our operation in the market.

The company’s policy is to do everything possible and make your appliance up and running again. However, in case we fail to solve the issue, we will not charge you for the work done or spare parts. You will have to pay only for the service call.

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