Pandemic (COVID-19) — Our Preventive Measures Taken to Guard You from Coronavirus

Maple Leaf Appliance Repair is here to tell you we are taking all possible steps to keep you safe during these difficult times. Rest assured we comply with all known health regulations and safety guidelines to guard our communities, cherished customers, and staff from the contamination threat. We revise all our service routines and practices to meet all the requirements prescribed by Health authorities due to this situation.

What we do is as follows:

  • All our staff members engaged in administrative and clerical duties are now working remotely.
  • To prevent the virus from spreading, we kindly ask our customers about their health before they book our services and before our technicians arrive at their homes and premises.
  • We take all measures to check our technicians’ health regularly. We will not send them to provide any appliance repair services in case they manifest any symptoms of any disease.
  • Our technicians whom you will contact at your premises are instructed to frequently wash their hands using detergents no shorter than 20 seconds or to spray them with sanitizers if no access to washing facilities can be found.
  • We provide our staff with rubber gloves, protective masks and hand sanitizers, as well as instruct them to maintain social distancing of at least six feet.
  • All necessary equipment and tools are cleaned and decontaminated before they are brought to our customers’ homes and premises.
  • We provide you with several contactless payment options to further prevent the virus spread. Our mutual effort to stop the pandemic will make the difference.

If you require more information, please contact us at 1-888- 206-1122.

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