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Once you’ve tasted oven-cooked meals, you cannot stop cooking them over and over again. Until, perhaps, when your stove fails to operate properly. Well, leave your worries behind because you have us. We will attend to any issue you may have experienced with your cooking appliances, either new or old models. Here is a list of malfunctions we can fix:

  • Your oven makes odd noises.
  • Noisy convection fan.
  • Problems with self-cleaning mode.
  • Dials or touch buttons don’t respond.
  • Your food bakes unevenly.
  • Wi-Fi connection fails.

You know how it is to be able to treat your loved ones with freshly cooked meals. You most certainly use your kitchen range for this. And it’s good when everything goes just fine with it. But if something happens and you have a problem with your range, be it electric, convection, dual fuel, or any other kind, just pick up a phone and give us a call, specifying the time you want us to visit you, and we will repair the following range malfunctions:

  • Your range won’t operate at all.
  • The controls are irresponsive.
  • Your food isn’t evenly cooked.
  • Steam cleaning isn’t working.
  • Self-cleaning is inoperable.
  • The induction fan is too loud.
Any kitchen has a cooking facility as it’s one of the most essential appliances to provide you with the heat required for safe food preparation.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of cooking facility it is — be it a cooktop built into your kitchen range or a standalone cooking appliance, you probably can’t imagine your home without having it. However, like any other home appliance or gadget, cooktops may also be a source of problems if they fail to operate properly. Once you experience any issues with your cooktop, don’t worry, we’ll come to your aid in no time. This is what we can fix:

  • Your cooktop is inoperable
  • Your cooktop induction coil won’t produce heat
  • Your induction coil is far too hot
  • Your cooktop has a faulty hot surface indicator
  • Your cooktop heating coils randomly go on or off
  • You cannot adjust your cooktop burner temperature

Keep your food cool and safe to enjoy its freshness. We know it’s a great misfortune to have your fridge broken as it threatens your and your family’s wellbeing. Of course, it’s necessary to take swift actions and make your cooling appliances up and running again. In any case, call us immediately, and we will fix the following issues in no time:

  • Your food is not cool enough.
  • Your food spoils quickly.
  • Strange noises from your fridge.
  • Your ice maker malfunctions.
  • Your freezer temperature is not low enough.
  • You see leeks from under your fridge.
We’re sure you know how freezers help us to waste less food, saving money and the environment. Every time you decide to prepare food in advance, arrange large parties or just store semi-cooked food from the supermarket, you use your freezer because it is convenient. Just imagine what may happen in case your freezer gets inoperable. But don’t fret, you have us. Contact us, and we’ll provide instant repair services to fix your freezer issues as follows:

  • Your freezer builds up excess frost
  • The compartment environment is not cool enough
  • Your freezer has a faulty door
  • The condenser coils accumulate frost
  • Your food in the freezer is not frozen
  • Your freezer emits too much noise

Having done your laundry, you want to have it dry quickly of course. Who doesn’t? That is when you need your dryer badly. We can just imagine how frustrated you may be if your dryer won’t operate properly and you can no longer use it. Well, don’t allow any appliance to upset you, but call us if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Your dryer won’t start.
  • The controls on your dryer won’t respond.
  • The dryer drum won’t spin.
  • You sense something burning when your dryer works.
  • Your dryer produces no heat.
  • You hear weird noises from your dryer.

Just picture yourself a day when you need your washer so badly, and it won’t start or has some other issue. You may think the day is ruined for you. But rest assured we won’t leave you alone with your problems. To avoid piled up laundry when you least want it, just call us if you experience the following issues with your washer:

  • Your washer won’t start whatever you do.
  • Your water tub won’t fill or empty in the process.
  • The door latch malfunctions.
  • Detergent dispensers won’t work.
  • Your washer won’t spin.
  • Your washing machine leaks.

Washing-up is a quite common daily routine for many households. Let’s put it bluntly — your dishwasher is the center point of your entire kitchen. Just think of all those dishes that need washing every day. What if your dishwasher went wrong? Would you like to wash all those plates by hand? You’d have to if it weren’t for us. Don’t fret, call us at once, and we’ll fix everything listed below in no time:

  • Your dishwasher won’t start.
  • Controls and touch buttons won’t respond
  • Your dishes are not entirely clean when the cycle is done.
  • You see water left in the tub after the cycle is complete.
  • Your dishwasher emits odd sounds while in operation.
  • You can see water leaks under your dishwasher.

Cooking facilities in your kitchen are among the most important home appliances. No wonder your oven, stove, or range needs proper installation. It would be best for you to resort to the services provided by our highly-skilled and experienced technical staff. By doing so, you can rest assured you will have everything perfectly done as our experts are dedicated and responsible workers who know everything about the oven, stone, and range installation routines.

No matter the brand or model, your cooking appliances will be installed properly and in compliance with manufacturer safety instructions and guidelines to allow their safe and reliable operation. Having installed your oven, stove, or range, our trained experts will run all possible checks and inspections to make sure everything is fully functional, secure, and safe.

When the time comes, you will want to replace your old cooktop with a brand new and modern model. Ether you want to modernize your kitchen or want to use the latest achievements that provide you with more comfort, just buying your appliance is half of what should be done. Proper appliance installation is as much important. If you feel unsure about the installation procedures, call us immediately to get professional dedicated services. Our technicians have the required expertise to install any brand or model in any kitchen setting. We’ll do everything properly in compliance with safety regulations to allow you to use your cooking appliance for many years running.

Your kitchen cooktop is the appliance you’ll use daily and routinely. So all the electrical work to connect it properly to the mains at your home must be done by experienced technicians with the required skills. If you want to free your mind and feel safe and secure, use our prompt dedicated installation services.

Have you just moved into your new home? Do you want to replace your old refrigerator with a new one? In both cases, we can come to your aid to provide you with quality installation services. Any appliance installation is not just about plugging it in the mains. The whole procedure requires a lot more expertise than you probably imagine.

Our expert technicians possess the required skills to install any fridge brand or model and do everything necessary the way it should be done, including appliance leveling on the spot, adjusting temperature regulators, and explaining to you the main functions. When you order our services, we send our best professionals to your place to install your fridge quickly for you to enjoy using it. All our highly-experienced technicians are well-versed experts in refrigerator installation procedures.

When you buy a new freezer, you may think it is the easiest kitchen appliance to install. It looks like all you have to do is to plug it in and that’s all. However, providing power to your freezer is far from the only thing you have to do. As this appliance will last you rather long, you also need to think about how to install it properly and do some other things prior to using it.

If you feel unsure about all the installation procedures, you can use our services and have the problem solved. We provide comprehensive freezer installation services. If you use them, you can rest assured your new appliance will perfectly fit your kitchen. Our technicians possess all the necessary expertise to install any existing freezer make and model. If you know exactly where you want to install your new freezer, please make sure our technicians have full access to the area. Otherwise, use their advice to choose the correct spot.

When it comes to dryer installation procedures, our team will tirelessly do everything possible to ensure your safe and long-lasting appliance use. Whether you’ve just moved in or are eager to replace your old dryer with the brand new one, you have us to assist you in this endeavor. For a fair price, our skillful technicians will install any existing dryer brand or model.

All installation works are carried out in compliance with the requirements and guidelines specified by the manufacturer. In case you still have doubts about our expertise in dryer installation, give us a call to clarify all the troubling questions, and our expert staff will always be glad to provide assistance.

Our appliance installation services also include washing machine installation. All our technical staff members are highly-trained professionals hired to provide you with top-quality washer installation services. We are committed to our duties to perform the best way possible and install your washer in compliance with manufacturer installation instructions and guidelines. Our team will attend to all your issues when it comes to correct and secure washing machine installation.

We work with all major brands and models and install your appliances the best way possible for you to enjoy using them comfortably and with no problem. All you have to do to order our services is to give us a call, and our knowledgeable technical team will visit your place to help you the best way possible.

What is the center point of your kitchen? Surely, it’s your dishwashing machine. It’s essential to have it installed the right way and have no problems after that. Our highly-experienced team will provide you with expert services and install your dishwasher the way it should be properly done. You won’t experience any issues like water leaks or noisy operation afterward because we are completely aware of the importance of the highest quality services in matters like this. That’s why we always employ highly-skilled, experienced, and reliable people to guarantee you the quality dishwasher installation services you so badly need.

You probably know how hard it is to keep your cooking appliances clean all the time. Different kinds of food leftovers may stick and burn on surfaces and are difficult to remove. Nevertheless, one thing you can do to prolong your oven, stove, or range operation is to routinely and frequently clean them the best way possible. Modern cooking appliances are equipped with self-cleaning systems. Once you’ve purchased one of the kind, make sure you follow all the maintenance instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the user manual. Avoid using any cleaning chemicals unless recommended by the manufacturer.
What we can do:

  • Clean all the surfaces, burners, and head orifices.
  • Test and calibrate thermostats.
  • Test oven temperature.
Whether you have an old kitchen cooking appliance or just purchased a new cooktop, you’ll need to carry out a proper maintenance routine to keep it running. If you maintain your cooktop correctly and regularly, you won’t have to resort to expensive major repairs and extend your cooking facility’s operational life.

Once you’re unsure how to maintain your cooktop the proper way, don’t fret. We are a team of expert technicians to provide you with all the services necessary. Just give us a call or contact us, using other available means, and we’ll send our best professionals to do everything quickly and in the shortest time possible.
The maintenance we provide:

  • Inspecting your cooktop operability
  • Checking your cooktop display and wire connections
  • Testing your cooktop temperature ranges.

To have safe meals, you should keep your fridge running without any faults and interruptions. Proper fridge maintenance is the key prerequisite of its smooth operation. Our appliance repair and maintenance experts advise you to defrost and clean your refrigeration appliances every six months. Modern fridges are equipped with self-defrost systems relieving you from the routine defrosting procedures. Once you’ve purchased such a fridge, all you have to do is to clean the dedicated defrost water pan and eventually get rid of some food odors, occasionally deodorizing your cooling compartment.
What we can do:

  • Check condenser fan.
  • Examine and clean condenser coils.
  • Inspect door gaskets and other seals.
  • Test compartment temperature.
  • Test energy efficiency.
If you run a household with a lot of people in your family, you surely have a freezer to store pre-made meals, frozen desserts, ice, and other foodstuffs for later use. Naturally, you want your freezing appliance to run smoothly every time you need it. What a disaster it can be in case your freezer is inoperable due to some malfunctions. To make sure your kitchen freezing appliance works correctly without stopping and avoid major repairs, you know you have to maintain it properly.

For you to make sure everything is in order and to extend your kitchen freezing appliances lifespan without necessary repairs, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to free your mind of another routine household chore.
Services we provide are as follows:

  • Checking if your freezer is properly installed
  • Inspecting the freezer compartment for ice accumulation
  • Examining condenser coils and cleaning them if necessary
  • Inspecting the compressor and providing maintenance
  • Checking air coolers
  • Inspecting the freezer door gasket

Just recall the times when your household had no dryer. Can you imagine your life without it now? You most certainly appreciate all the benefits of using this essential home appliance as it significantly shortens laundry time. You definitely don’t want your dryer to stop working, do you? Most repair and maintenance experts will tell you that dryers can eventually malfunction due to lint build-up which you should get rid of.
What we can do:

  • Verify that your dryer is installed correctly and level it if necessary.
  • Clear all the lint trapped in the filter and vacuum-clean air vents.
  • Dismantle, examine, and clean your dryer vent thoroughly.

Any modern mashing machine is a complicated piece of technology. That’s why washer repairs can become a real challenge even for a professional expert. To avoid any breakdowns, you have to follow some advice and guidelines. First of all, have it installed and leveled properly. Place your machine as close to the floor as possible to ensure its safe operation. Secondly, never overload your washing appliance with your laundry items. It would be best if you divide all the things into several parts. And finally, always follow all the washing instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Failure to do so may lead to dire consequences for your appliance operation and safety.
What we can do:

  • Verify that your washing appliance is installed and leveled properly.
  • Check water and drain hoses for cracks and leaks and replace them if necessary.
  • Clear the drum from possible residue.
  • Inspect door hinges and rubber rim and clean them if necessary.

Your dishwasher is a kind of appliance your family turns to every single day. Just imagine all those cups, glasses, and plates that need washing piled up in your kitchen sink. Do you want to wash all this manually or rather arrange your utensil in your dishwasher and press a couple of buttons? Of course, we know your answer to that question. So, to have your dishwashing machine running faultlessly for longer periods, it needs routine maintenance once and again. Appliance repair and maintenance experts advise checking your dishwashing appliances on a regular basis.
What we can do:

  • Inspect all moving rinse arms and clear away any food debris out of the holes.
  • Examine drain filters, remove any solid matter, and wash the filters.
  • Remove scale deposits if any.
  • Inspect door gaskets and clean them if necessary.
  • Wipe all surfaces with a soft cloth moistened with some cleaning agent.

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Sub-Zero Error codes

Most of your appliances generate some error code when malfunctioning. Make sure you put down the error code before you call us to get immediate assistance with your issue.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Codes: not cooling, too cold, wont turn on, loud noise, bad smell

In case you can find the error code displayed by your machine on the list above, make sure to get in touch with us, and we’ll attend to your problem the same day.
If you cannot find the required code in the list or your faulty appliance doesn’t return any codes, we are still at your service to make everything up and running again. Just give us a call!

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